Shoulder Mask and Seaweed Scrub (included shoulder massage)
Shoulder Mask and Seaweed Scrub (included shoulder massage) Shoulder Mask and Seaweed Scrub Body Mask Body Treatment Penang, Bukit Mertajam Services, Centre | Dermacare Beauty & Spa
RM 126.00
RM 87.00
Shoulder Mask (Seaweed Mask) and Seaweed Scrub 肩颈美白海藻膜 
  • 25minutes
  • 25分钟

Selection of 4 types of Seaweed Mask:
White Seaweed Mask:
含有丰富的Calsium,Magnesium (Carbonate,Phosphorus Slice)的状态。Calsium是用来医治风湿,骨破裂及成长。肌肉功能和神经系统也很需要它。Slice可以抗老化。它是绿色海草的矿物补充物。它纯正和平衡的结合容许这个治疗补所缺少的矿物质。 
It is a mineral white powder with high concentrated in calcium, magnesium.Magnesium takes part in most of physollogical functions.Calcium is specially advised inall forms of decalcification and it is essental for muscular function and nervous system.Cilice is power to fight against organism's ageing.An efficient mineral complement for brown seaweed.Allow making possible the treatments against therse deficiencies.

含有Menthol,Horsetail,Fucus。Fucus 的瘦身功能将结合与Horsetail和Cryogenic Agent来使身体更容易清除堆积在脂肪的排泄物和毒素;促进循环,它能加静脉吸管和解决阻塞。 
It contain fine and volatile powder.With Fucus that combined Horsetail and cryogenic agent to ease elimination of waste and toxin in fat cells.It improved blood circulation. It can enhance the vein to manage and solve and is blocked thinly.

Thalatonic Mask:
它含有丰富的Laminaria Seaweed这恢复矿物质的成分刺激皮肤细胞更新,通过天然,微量元素,矿物盐,维他命C,E和海洋生物的肆放。它含有高量的Mannitol允许它有很强的滋润功能。这海草是天然的治疗,是保持细胞年幼及活力的最好方法。 
It contain Laminaria seaweed that stimulates the cell skin exchange .With natural release of trace elements, mineral salts and vitamin c it preserve tissues youth and vitality.It is very good for resuming durably and nourishing function and enhance moisturing action.

它含有Fucus Seaweed,Fucus Seaweed在脂肪层扮演重要的角色,它促进血液循环和消除脂肪,,恢复矿物质及重组织功效。 
It contain Fucus seaweed that acts on the fatty folds , besides that it also activates the blood circulation and erases the folds
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