Lift And Glow Serum
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RM 450.00
30 g

Lift And Glow Serum
An extraordinary serum of a subtle texture and a lemon-orange scent, extremely rich in 18 concentrated active components. Designed to restore the natural vitality, tonicity and radiance of the skin. It contains the active ingredients which have a strong and durable activity and influence the constant improvement of the skin condition. They deeply intensively nourish, and favour the energetic dynamism of the skin. Particularly recommended for the mature, devitalized, tired and deprived of radiance skins.

Main components :
Highly concentrated algae extract (laminaria digitata); natural peptide with the rejuvenating effect; complex regrouping the vitamin C, pectine and silanol; pentapeptide-3 (powerful anti-wrinkle); chrono-energizing multi mineral complex (magnesium, copper, zinc); proline vegetable bio-vector; amino-peptide vegetable complex; tensor complex of marine and vegetable origin; marine oligosaccharide; wheat proteins extract; vitamin A and E; nourishing components.

Our advice :
Apply on a cleansed face and neck, invigorated by gentle tonic for dry and sensitive skin or progressive action tonic. Approprite for all skin types. For oily skins apply each morning or the evening like a vitalizing cream. For dry skins apply as a base under the moisturizing or nourishing cream. For the mature skins add one to two drops of: intensive or vitalizing complex with essential oils.

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