Active Vitamin C-25% In Powder
Active Vitamin C-25% In Powder Face Powder Beauty Care  Beauty Products Penang, Bukit Mertajam Services, Centre | Dermacare Beauty & Spa
RM 350.00
2 g
Active Vitamin C-25% in Powder

This finely micronized powder has a strong capacity of protection of the skin against environmental pollution which leads to premature ageing. It contains the stable shape of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to its properties, it effectively fights free radicals, stimulates the skiní»s regenerative and renewing process, cell-renewal, and activates the synthesis of collagen. It helps to reduce wrinkles, clears up the complexion and brings tonicity to the skin. Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended for the mature skins. Advised upon spotting the first signs of ageing.

Main components : magnesium stearate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sorbitol, titanium dioxyde, silica, sodium benzoate.

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