About Us
The founder of DermaCare Beauty & Spa has over 38 years of experience in beauty therapy industry.Health is the greatest wealth of people. DermaCare Beauty & Spa was founded with the intention of prime focus on health care. We hope each and every of our customers would be able to get away from their hectic lifestyle and at the same time, enjoy and relax their mind and body at DermaCare Beauty & Spa.

DermaCare Beauty & Spa offer one-stop therapies from head-to-toe relaxation, including steam bath or sauna, full body exfoliation, mask, body massage, facials, manicure and pedicure.

DermaCare Beauty & Spa specializes in facial treatment which dealing with any pimples, acne, burns, and dehydration problems, and can be improved in a short period of time and heal. The effects are long-lasting with the combination of massage and dedicated treatment.

In addition, there are 12 types of essential oils for selection of rejuvenation and relaxation treatment. Different type of essential oils has different therapies, such as detoxification, relaxation, de-stress, calming, weight loss, and nourishing effect.

对于拥有超过38年经验的我们来说,健康是人们最大的财富,因此创立 DermaCare Beauty & Spa 的出发点也是以保健养生为主。我们希望每位光临的顾客,在享有美丽的同时,身心灵也都能获得正面能量。

DermaCare Beauty & Spa 所提供的服务多样化,包括蒸气浴或桑拿浴,全身去角质,面膜,全身按摩或局部按摩,也有脸部美容,手指,脚趾美容等,让人从头到脚彻底地放松,使紧綳的心灵得以松懈下来。

DermaCare Beauty & Spa 最擅长治疗脸部问题,任何暗疮,痘痘,敏感,脱水,缺水等问题,都能在短时间内获得改善并痊愈。结合手法按摩和温性产品,对症治疗,疗效也更持久。

另外,DermaCare Beauty & Spa 还有一项具有养生效果的水疗Spa服务,有助减压,排毒,抗老化等。水疗Spa共有12种香精油可选择,如挪威松叶精华沐浴露,甘菊精华沐浴露等。不同的精油有不同的作用,起到排毒,放松,减压,镇静,减肥,美肤等效果。

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